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Gathering around a table to share delicious food with family and friends may seem like a small thing, but we have found that nothing brings people together like a meal.

A meal shared is a meal worth eating. Our aim is to make those moments even better with great quality steak. Our family has been in the beef industry for three generations. We have worked in every aspect from feeding cattle and butchering to commercial distribution.

Vaquero grew out of Fernando Vizcarra Sr and his son Fernando Jr’s love for their customers. Because of that we provide quality meat at affordable prices, without sacrificing safety or using industry buzz-words to manipulate our customers.

Our family visiting the farm in 2010.

No Middle-Man: Fresh Steaks from
our Owned Family Farm

A rare pleasure delivered straight to your door

If the foods you eat shape who you are, then what you eat matters. Especially your meat. With Vaquero, it’s easy to know that every bite is as safe and sustainable as it is delicious. Every steak is lovingly cared for, processed by our butcher, packed at our family’s farm, and shipped to your door without unnecessary repackaging, handling, or re-labeling. When our steaks meet your grill, it’s a match made in heaven for your palate – quality you can taste.


you can be face to face with an expert butcher in 5 minutes!


A Letter From Our Founder, Fernando Vizcarra Jr.

My grandparents started a meat company in 1969, in extreme poverty. They knew the risks, but they were two of the bravest people I’ve ever known. In Mexico, we have a saying – “they tried to bury us, but they didn’t know that we were seeds.”

So my grandparents worked hard – and flourished. My father kept the family business going – he was born in a feedlot! And then our family’s line of work passed on to me. From the age of 3 I was around cattle at our family farm – and eating steak as soon as I grew teeth. I’m a steak enthusiast, because excellent steak has always been a part of my life and family; and all of that excellent steak came from Mexico.

My family takes quality seriously, and so do I. Our family farm has invested a lot of Research & Development into a state-of-the-art facility that has received top commendations from the USDA for cleanliness, quality, staff training, and consistency in production.

In fact, we are innovators in food safety! When our family started out in the meat industry, we asked ourselves this question: how many hands touch our food before it arrives on the plate? Our answer: the fewer, the better. In an increasingly health-conscious world still reeling from a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to be confident in what you put on your plate, and where it comes from.

That’s why we developed the Cryogenic Pure Process®; to produce the finest, purest, freshest beef you can buy. Anywhere.

When you buy a steak at the grocery store, or from other online stores, at least 20 people have touched your beef, it has been on 3 trucks, and it has been shipped to at least 5 facilities. That means billions of foreign bacteria ruining your steak before you even get a chance to cook it.

With Vaquero, the beef is raised, slaughtered, processed, specially treated, flash-frozen and sealed in one facility, by one highly-skilled expert, with one cutting-edge technological process designed to lock in all of the nutrients, flavor, and texture as though it were freshly cut the moment you opened the package.

And since it is all done under one roof – Vaquero alone can offer you steakhouse-quality steaks at 50% off our online competitors’ prices! I want you to have the same experiences and fond family memories that I have enjoyed – it’s why I started this company.

At Vaquero, our beloved customers are an extension of our family. And we take care of our family. I promise you, you will love the steaks you order from us – and if you don’t, we will make it right.

Welcome to the family.