How It Works

There are a million companies out there trying to sell you steak – but between all the half-truths, the marketing buzz words and the weird industry jargon, it’s hard to tell what separates one company from the rest. We make it easy for you to understand how we provide the best steaks from the market.

Here’s how it works whenever you order from Vaquero!

1 We Source

Our family farm is one of the safest meat-handling facilities in the world. We ensure that all our cattle are raised well, to produce excellent steaks – and because of our Cryogenic Pure Process® those steaks arrive at your door as fresh, as pure, and as delicious as possible – with 94% less bacteria than grocery store meats and half as much as other online retailers.

Our incredible cattle come from various small independent ranches in Mexico, proudly raised on local grains and treated with the highest standards – giving it that incredible, exotic flavor when it reaches your plate.

2 You Choose

You have total flexibility.

• Do you want our Standard or Reserve cuts?
Bigger boxes or smaller ones? (Save more with the bigger boxes.)
• Friendly frequency delivery

Free shipping always

3 We Deliver

Your steaks ship flash-frozen for freshness and hand-packed in an eco-friendly box, anywhere in the lower 48 United States.  When your box arrives, just thaw your steaks and fire up the grill!

4 Taste the good life!

Excellent steaks delivered to your doorstep means less stress and more time to enjoy incredible meals together with friends and family.