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Our Boxes

Traditional Box

If you are looking for great steaks without breaking the bank, this is the perfect option for you!

    More about the Traditional Box

    • Delicious ¾ inch steaks aged for 7 days for rich flavor and good marbling
    • Individually Sealed & Packed
    • Soft & Juicy Steaks
    • Flash-Frozen to preserve flavor, vitamins, and minerals
    • Free Shipping always.

    Mixed Box

    The Mixed Box is great if you are looking to share a great experience with friends and family. The perfect option to cover a Dinner, a great BBQ, or a treat for yourself: All in! PLUS Now a Tomahawk is included for life!

      More about the Traditional Box

      • Mixed Cuts of beef: From ¾ to 1 ¼ Inch
      • Aged from 7 to 28 Days Steaks, a rich flavor experience!
      • Flash-Frozen to preserve flavor, vitamins, and minerals
      • Individually Sealed & Packed
      • Free shipping always, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

      Porterhouse Box

      Interested in a culinary experience you’ve never had? One steak that combines two cuts of beef. Yes, it’s true! This is the realization of a dream.

        More about the Traditional Box

          The Porterhouse steak is both the Strip and the Tenderloin, creating an incredible beefy flavor and buttery texture. Its reputation has earned it the title of “the King of Steaks” in the steak world.

          Grill lovers will love this – it is very gentle with cast iron as well – an excellent choice in the kitchen!

        Ribeye Box

        For lovers of beef, the ribeye is the steak to order. This coveted cut offers excellent flavor and lighter trim. The world-famous Cowboy Steak (yes, Vaquero) is now available from our farm to your doorstep, which was formerly available only at the best and most exclusive steakhouses.

          More about the Traditional Box

            As you grill each ribeye, it will melt in your mouth as the meat taste becomes buttery, savory, and rich in flavor.

            In order to deliver ribeyes at their peak of freshness, tenderness, and flavor, we hand-select each ribeye, trim it three times by our expert butchers, then flash freeze it for delivery. Ribeye steaks are known for their fine taste, and you’ll then understand why.

          Managed by expert butchers

          Free Steaks available for you

          Free shipping for life

          Always humanely raised by Expert Butchers



          Vaquero Standard is similar to a USDA Select – very good quality, but not restaurant-quality. Our robust CP Process® ensures that there is no juicier, more tender, more flavorful steak at this price, anywhere.


          • Thinner Cuts (½ inch to ¾ inch)
          • Lighter overall weight
          • Good marbling, but not stunning marbling.
          • Aged 7 Days (For Good Flavor)
          • Soft & Juicy
          • Mechanically Tenderized


          Vaquero Reserve is closer to a very high USDA Choice – one of the highest designations for quality. And our CP Process® ensures they are fresher, juicier, and safer to eat than any “USDA Prime” meat you find at the store.


          • Greater overall thickness (1 ¼ inches thick)
          • Heavier weight
          • More marbling
          • Aged 28 Days (Better Flavor)
          • Softer Texture
          • Juicier Texture
          Good times delivered to your door

          In an eco-friendly, insulated box, our meat is safely packaged and frozen for freshness. Using dry ice in our boxes if necessary, we ensure that your meat is kept within the proper temperature range. You know we ship free, right?

          When the box arrives is the day to gather
          everyone you love around the table

          What our customer say about us

          “Vaquero steaks are high quality great cuts of meat. Their customer Service is outstanding! I had an issue with my first order, contacted them and they corrected the order right away! Very happy all the way around!”

          -Dave Kaplan

          “These guys were great. Fedex mis-delivered and late-delivered their shipment to me twice (resulting in spoilage) and they just kept replacing my order until the 3rd time, when Fedex delivered still-frozen meat.
          The steaks were high quality but the customer service was even better.”

          -Andy Cy

          Awesome cuts
          Just add salt and pepper and a good Merlot !

          -Mark Anderson

          I like my steaks well done and it was still quite tender. They delivered it within a couple hours of placing the order.. Will be ordering the porterhouse steaks again.

          -Kim Stafford

          With how expensive steaks are in the store right now, these are an awesome deal. good price for some huge steaks and since they already come pre-packaged and frozen, they are great from stocking the freezer.

          -Jessica Tichenor

          High Quality, Hand-Cut Steaks from Our Family
          Farm, Sustainably Shipped to Your Doorstep.

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