36 oz. Tomahawk Ribeye

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  • The absolute pinnacle of richness, marbling, and buttery steak flavor!
  • Aged 28 days for maximum tenderness and juiciness.
  • Hand-selected beef & triple-trimmed by expert butchers.
  • Individually sealed and packed at the peak of freshness.
  • Great source of protein!
  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!

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A Masterpiece of Steak Excellence. Not only is the Tomahawk Ribeye a marvel to look at, it is stunningly delicious. Its trademark bone that looks like an axe handle sets the incredible, weighty thickness of this one-of-a-kind cut. Exquisitely tender and absolutely top-of-the-line in quality, flavor, and marbling. Every selection of our tomahawk steaks features maximum thickness, with layer after layer of buttery, savory marbling which melts from inside as you grill it, soaking every juicy bite with otherworldly flavor. Our tomahawks are hand-selected, triple-trimmed by our expert butchers, and aged 28 days as part of our Cryogenic Pure Process®, so they arrive at your doorstep ready to grill at the peak of freshness, tenderness, and flavor. The tomahawk is an absolutely transcendent steak, utterly deserving as the show-stopping, spectacular centerpiece of even the most decadent meals.

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