Hand-Cut Steaks

7 Reasons to try Vaquero

We started Vaquero with the idea that everyone should be able to afford high-quality, excellent cuts of beef. Every month, we deliver intensely marbled, flavorful, steakhouse-quality steaks at incredible value. Our family farm is at the cutting edge of food safety – discover for yourself why thousands of Americans have chosen us as their source for pure, delicious steak.

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1 The World’s Purest Beef.

Our family farm is one of the safest meat-handling facilities in the world. Our Cryogenic Pure Process® ensures that your steaks arrive at your door as fresh, as pure, and as delicious as possible.

  • 94% less bacteria than grocery store meats
  • 50% less bacteria than other online retailers.

2 Incredible Prices

We want to make high-quality steaks more accessible for everyone — and because we have everything under one roof, we can offer better prices for the quality than any of our competitors.

  • 85% less than steakhouse prices.
  • 50% less than other online steak retailers.

3 Bigger, Juicier Cuts

You want to know the average size of steak you’ll get in one of our competitors’ boxes? 5 ounces. Our steaks are 3 times the size, at ⅓ of the price. And because they’re more pure – they’re also more flavorful.

4 We make it very easy!

We know that you’re busy, so we want to help simplify your cooking routine. What could be simpler than delicious steak shipped to your door?

  • All of our steaks are frozen for freshness.
  • Individually sealed and packaged for safety and easy defrosting.
  • Delivered straight to your doorstep – no grocery store trip needed!

5 People are saying great things about us.

We’ve got a lot of satisfied customers. They can’t get enough of our steaks!
Here are just a few:

"Great quality beef and affordable too. We ordered both ribeyes and T-Bones. Next time I think we will try the porterhouses. The guys are top notch, super friendly and extremely professional."

– Brent Starr –

"I ordered the rib eyes from Vaquero and at first I was skeptical because they came in a plastic wrap but after I thawed them and cooked them on the grill they came out super juicy and delicious. I will keep ordering my rib eyes from here and will try their other options. I can say everyone else will be happy to have ordered from here. I was completely satisfied."

– Gus Angel Ponce –

"Outstanding service. After I bought my steaks, I wanted to send steaks to my son in Washington state. Vaquero was able to send them to Washington next day. My son was absolutely happy. I have cooked seven of the steaks. Everyone loved them. I was skeptical, I even took out my kitchen scale to check their claims and they were right on. Will I buy again? You bet and soon!"

– James Mailey –

"I got a good price on quality steaks. When you compare to what Safeway and Kroger stores are charging for a lb. of T-Bone, it was a solid deal. I didn't need to buy a ridiculous $500.00 package. I got an email each step of the process."

– Jim Rosa –

Member-Only Deals!

At Vaquero, we treat our customers like family – and we take care of our family.

We believe in giving you flexibility and incredible value. Here are just a few of the benefits you get as a Vaquero customer:

  • Rewards for referrals – including free steak!
  • Exclusive deals on high-quality steaks.
  • Early access to new products!
  • Total customizability.



Vaquero is proud to be on the cutting edge of food safety.

In an increasingly health-conscious world still reeling from a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to be confident in what you put on your plate, and where it comes from.

That’s why we developed the Cryogenic Pure Process®to produce the finest, purest, freshest beef you can buy. Anywhere.

When you buy a steak at the grocery store, or from other online stores, at least 20 people have touched your beef, it has been on 3 trucks, and it has been shipped to at least 5 facilities. That means billions of foreign bacteria ruining your steak before you even fire up the grill.

With Vaquero, the beef is raised, slaughtered, processed, specially treated and lab-tested, flash-frozen and sealed in one facility, by one highly-skilled expert, with one cutting-edge technological process designed to lock in all of the nutrients, flavor, and texture as though it were freshly cut the moment you opened the package.

It’s better for you, better for the cows, and better for the environment!

Our Cryogenic Pure Process® ensures that you get the best freshness and quality. You can buy from Vaquero with confidence!

The results speak for themselves

A blind lab test at UCSD tested Ribeye steaks from some big name sources!
The following numbers are measured in cfu/ml (colony forming units per millileter.)

Major Grocery Store "USDA Choice"

"Omaha S" Ribeye

"Butcher B" Ribeye

Vaquero's Ribeye

The next closest competitor was twice as contaminated as our steak – and the steak you’d grab off the shelf at the grocery store was 15 times worse.

Taste the quality – shop Vaquero.

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