Why Choose Vaquero?

There are a million companies out there trying to sell you steak – but between all the half-truths, the marketing buzz words and the weird industry jargon, it’s hard to tell what separates one company from the rest.

Read on to find out what makes Vaquero a great choice for your steak needs!

The CP Process®


Vaquero is proud to be on the cutting edge of food safety.

In an increasingly health-conscious world still reeling from a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to be confident in what you put on your plate, and where it comes from.

That’s why we developed the Cryogenic Pure Process®to produce the finest, purest, freshest beef you can buy. Anywhere.

When you buy a steak at the grocery store, or from other online stores, at least 20 people have touched your beef, it has been on 3 trucks, and it has been shipped to at least 5 facilities. That means billions of foreign bacteria ruining your steak before you even fire up the grill.

With Vaquero, the beef is raised, slaughtered, processed, specially treated and lab-tested, flash-frozen and sealed in one facility, by one highly-skilled expert, with one cutting-edge technological process designed to lock in all of the nutrients, flavor, and texture as though it were freshly cut the moment you opened the package.

It’s better for you, better for the cows, and better for the environment!

Our Cryogenic Pure Process® ensures that you get the best freshness and quality. You can buy from Vaquero with confidence!

The results speak for themselves

A blind lab test at UCSD tested Ribeye steaks from some big name sources!
The following numbers are measured in cfu/ml (colony forming units per millileter.)

Major Grocery Store "USDA Choice"

"Omaha S" Ribeye

"Butcher B" Ribeye

Vaquero's Ribeye

The next closest competitor was twice as contaminated as our steak – and the steak you’d grab off the shelf at the grocery store was 15 times worse.

Taste the quality – shop Vaquero.

Safety, quality, & Value

Vaquero’s family farm has invested a lot in R&D for feeding cattle and creating the most balanced diets.


Certified Clean Facility – We take the risk for food contamination very seriously. Our family owned facility has been reviewed by the BRC Food Safety group, USDA, NSF, TIF, and ISO, and has received the highest grade for cleanliness.

Cryogenic Pure Process® – All of our meat is flash frozen to lock in the flavor, kill bacteria, and keep it fresh until it arrives on your doorstep, ready to be cooked into a delicious meal.

USDA Certified – All of our steaks are USDA certified in the top 10%, and rigorously checked to ensure quality & safety. Each cow has a unique code, which allows us to see all of its history, where it comes from, where it’s been, the butcher, its health, and more.



Leaner Cuts Available – Better quality meat for high protein diets comes from healthy cattle that get better exercise. Since our cattle come from our family farm, we can make sure that the cattle stay healthier and produce leaner meat without sacrificing flavor.

Minimal Handling – Not many meat companies have their own farms, let alone their own butchers. We have both. Our meat gets butchered and packaged before it leaves our family farm. We are the only ones who handle it, right up to the moment it ships to you.



Shipped Direct – Since we ship direct to you, you don’t have to wonder where your meat has been. It hasn’t been sitting on a grocery store shelf for who knows how long, and there are no middle men to pay.

Lower Cost – Since we ship direct, and source our meat direct from our family farm, we can keep our prices extremely competitive. Not only will you get some great meat, you will also get it for a fantastic price.


One Set of Hands – Our expert butchers select, raise, & butcher the cattle in-house, then we run it through our Cryogenic Pure Process® to ensure maximum freshness. Literally from the moment we select the cattle, through the moment when you open your box of delicious steaks, no one but us touches your steak, guaranteeing that when you lay your juicy steaks on the grill, they arrive in the best condition, at the best price; because we don’t put your health at risk and bloat the price with other middle-men.